Smart grids to support people and companies, normally not having the focus or with limited access to technology and knowledge, are our drive. That is where we can change the game!

Video: How Hipersense works.

Small WIndturbine

Being attracted by the simple robust Danish design of Viking and their ongoing development we decided to start representing the Viking Wind group in the Netherlands.

The capacity of this model also fills up the need for available alternatives in the Netherlands.


Facilitating project development, we challenged the data quality of wind measurements to grow with the increasing wind turbine sizes. This stretched the limits of market availability metmast heights, especially in demanding ice and snow areas like Scandinavia. 

So we supported our supplier in design, certification and manufacturing of a new design with a height of 150 meter in high tensile steel.

An impression of how that looks like: video

Project Management

Being entrepreneurs ourselves and grown up in family owned small companies we understand very well that all projects have a clear goal and need to have a suitable business case that pays the bills. 

This drives our focus when managing projects for others too as it has become part of our system. Our backgrounds also provided us with a pragmatic, operational, down to earth and ‘listen to the customer’ approach that we still practise every day for our own and our customers projects. 


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