Martijn Eugelink

Having a background in Mechanical Engineering, my attention was quickly moving to renewable energy though. Working many years for an OEM in the wind industry I moved to the wood chips processing equipment early this century where we met as business partners and started up Drive4Wind in 2008. 

Even though just before the financial crisis we succeeded to get the flow in the wind turbine installation market with business partners in Denmark and kicking off our adventure in the wind. 

Driven by the imagination of fossil energy free world I have always been experimenting with supply systems at home resulting in closing the gas line in 2010. This still is the drive to be involved in developing renewable solutions that can be used and will serve people in their day-to-day activities. 

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John Kamphorst

With a background in Automotive engineering I naturally moved into transport industry and oil & gas applications. However, being intrigued by one of the first wind turbines early 1980’s when travelling to the swimming lessons in primary school, my natural perspective was to get away from pollution and focussing the solutions part to apply hydrogen in mobility. So main focus has been on applications around liquified gasses as Hydrogen & LNG, as well as knowledge around air gasses (like Oxygen and Helium). 

As this was not sufficiently developed I decided to step away from these industries and ended up with Martijn in the wood chips processing industry about 20 yrs ago. Since then we have been looking for opportunities to support and participate actively and practically in the energy transition.  

That resulted in our scope of activities covering the full supply chain from project development in wind and solar to installation works in the field as well as Service & Maintenance. We believe that our practical approach, wide experience and feet on the ground philosophy we have succeeded in setting up these different activities successfully and can add our value to the best. 

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